Heathcote School & Science College
A Leading Edge Specialist School for Science
Headteacher Mrs Zoë Cozens
Normanton Park, Chingford, London, E4 6ES
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At Heathcote we are proud of our students and their achievements.  We regularly produce newsletters to highlght their latest academic and sporting successes.

The newsletters are sent home with students.

You can view our most recent newsletters using these links:

Heathcote News Issue 41

Heathcote News: Summer 2014

newsletter april 2014

Heathcote Spring 2014

Newsletter december

Heathcote News:Winter 2013


Heathcote News:
Summer 2013

Exams Results

Heathcote News:
Exam Results 2013

HN Issue 35

Heathcote News:
Winter 2012

    News April 2013

Heathcote News Spring 2013

Heathcote Summer results



Heathcote News:
Exam Results 2012

HDC Special

Heathcote News Special:

Summer 2012

Heathcote Spring

Heathcote News Spring 2012:

Heathcote summer 20112

Heathcote News: Summer 2012

Heathcote News - ET Winter2011





Heathcote News - ET Winter2011

Heathcote News - ET Winter2011

Heathcote News - HCD Winter2011

Summer 2011






Heathcote News - Summer 2011

Exams Result 2011






Heathcote News - Exams Result

Heathcote News - Spring 2011






Heathcote News : Spring 2011

HCD summer 2011






Heathcote News :
HCD Summer 2011 



Challenge Day Extra - Spring 2009
Heathcote News - Winter 2008
Challenge Day Extra - Autumn 2008
Exams Results Extra - Summer 2008
Heathcote News - Summer 2008
Heathcote News - Spring 2008
Exams Results Extra - Summer 2007
OFSTED Extra - November 2007
Heathcote News - Summer 2007
Heathcote News - Spring 2007

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