Behaviour & Personal Development

Behaviour Attendance and Personal Development Priorities


  1. To ensure that staff and pupils recognise that mental health and well being is cared for.
  2. To improve outcomes and lifelong opportunities and experiences for all especially the disadvantaged
  3. To improve pupil attendance
  4. To create a safe, calm, inclusive, equitable and positive environment built on relationships and high expectations and supported by pupil leadership


We must remember that intelligence is not enough.

Intelligence plus character - this is the goal of true education.

Martin Luther King Jr.


At Heathcote we believe in the development and education of the whole pupil. Resilience, organisation, time management and emotional development are some of the traits that we aim to instil in our pupils to support and compliment their academic development.

We encourage our pupils to embrace our diverse community, showing acceptance of all others and the contribution that every individual makes to our school.

We challenge our pupils to become the best version of themselves with the aim of becoming well rounded young adults who are ready to contribute society

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Mr Ferrar

Deputy Headteacher