Code of Conduct

OfstedTo help all members of our community understand our vision, values and our behaviour policy we have encompassed the expectations for pupils to be READY, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE into the five rules below in our code of conduct.

At Heathcote School we are always READY, RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIBLE.
We show we are:

Ready Pupils by…

1.    Being ready to learn.

Attending all our lessons on time, wearing our full uniform correctly and appropriately and having all the equipment we need for our lessons. Completing all classwork and homework to the best of our ability. Ensuring we do not disrupt our own and others learning and engaging in every lesson.


Respectful Pupils by… 

2.    Being kind, polite and positive.
Acting and speaking positively in the community, around school and online. Using good manners towards all members of the community and showing respect and kindness at all times in person and on social media.

3.     Following instructions without question or delay.
Listening to adults and responding quickly and appropriately. Tracking adults, sitting in an allocated seat and starting the Do Now within 90 seconds.

4.     Making our school safe for everyone.

Acting safely in the corridors and on the stairs. Moving around the school quietly and with purpose staying on the left. Keeping our hands, feet and objects to ourselves. Ensure that prohibited items are not brought to school.

Responsible Pupils by…

5.      Being proud of ourselves and our school.

Trying our best in every lesson and taking every opportunity. Accepting challenges, being proud of what we have achieved and always looking to improve. Looking after our school, by not vandalising, littering or misusing school equipment and property.