Pupil Leadership

At Heathcote School we are proud of the leadership opportunities afforded to our pupils across the school. This encourages pupils to become more responsible and also gives our young people a chance to lead their peers within the school and be an agent for change.

We currently have an effective and established pupil leadership structure who are an integral part of our drive for school improvement. 

Underpinning our Pupil Leadership structure is the British Value of Democracy. Both our Head Pupil Team and Heathcote Ambassadors are democratically elected. In this process pupils apply to become a Heathcote Ambassador or Head Pupil through an online application that is open to all. Pupils are then invited to participate in a group task and interview with the Assistant Head Teacher and Head Teacher. Following this we short-list pupils and share their manifestos with pupils at Heathcote School. A period of campaigning is held at the school with assemblies sharing the prospective Ambassador and Head Pupil candidates, we then conduct a whole school vote and the pupils are then elected into post. The Election Campaign is an exciting opportunity for our young people to participate in a democratic process and definitely creates a buzz around Heathcote School! 


Leadership Structure

Head Pupil Team


Comprised of 10 senior ambassadors (pictured below) who have been democratically elected by their peers. They are responsible for the leadership of our Heathcote School Ambassadors. This is a position which comes with great responsibility and pupils are expected to be ambassadors, role models and leaders. They fulfil the following duties.

  • To organise and plan regular meetings with the School Council and ensure that decisions are carried out. 
  • To represent and speak for all pupils at Heathcote School and support and prepare activities that encourages and supports the learning of others. 
  • To be internal and external ambassadors for the school and to act as role models for all pupils 
  • To give key presentations about the school, for example to prospective parents and pupils at school events. 
  • To greet important visitors to Heathcote School 
  • To be involved in assemblies. 
  • To report to the Head Teacher and School Leaders every term 
  • To attend one Governor’s meeting and report on how student voice has had an impact on the school’s planning. 
  • To co-ordinate a team of Ambassadors
  • Charity and fund-raising events 
  • Any other duties that may be reasonably called upon to undertake by Senior Members of staff

If you would like to speak to our Head Pupil team then please contact them directly via the following email address: ambassadors@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk

IMG 4142web

Heathcote School Ambassadors


Comprised of over 50 pupils across all year groups (pictured below) who have been appointed via a rigorous application system which is overseen by the Assistant Head Teacher and Head Pupil Team. They lead on pupil voice and form the School Council.

They are also responsible for activism across the school and lead on fundraising events and campaigns relating to issues that our pupils raise via School Council. They are role models for our school and represent our school across multiple events.

IMG 4136web

Heathcote Mental Health and Well-being Ambassadors


A team of pupils who have been externally trained to lead on mental health and well-being across the school. Their role is to promote awareness across the school on topics such as healthy eating, sexual health, mental health and well-being. They lead campaigns on these topics and achieve the equivalent of a GCSE grade at the end of their training. Their role is to signpost pupils to support agencies available and promote awareness, not to offer advice.


Heathcote Sport Ambassadors


A team of pupils appointed by the Department Lead for PE, Mr French, who support with the day to day running of the PE department. They support with fixtures, extracurricular clubs, pupil voice and represent the department at school events.


Heathcote Anti-Bullying Ambassadors


An Anti-Bullying Ambassador is someone who has been trained by The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign. Their role is to help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and helps to keep their peers safe both online and offline. This is an important job and we are delighted to have a group of pupils who are responsible, committed to and enthusiastic about the role, who act as positive role models and as support for the rest of the school.

Our Anti-Bullying Ambassador Team is pictured below.

IMG 3251 adj web

Heathcote Department Ambassadors


Additionally, we have Department Ambassadors. Department Ambassadors will be appointed by Department Leads to promote particular subjects and will be trained and engaged in a range of activities, including staff appointments, the observation of learning and teaching, supporting clubs and helping with displays, to name but a few.


We are always looking to recruit pupils to join our school leadership team. If your child is interested then please do not hesitate to contact our Assistant Head in charge of Pupil Leadership – Katie Morrison (kmorrison@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk)