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Heathcote is committed to a child-centred and co-ordinated approach to safeguarding. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility.

Safeguarding is an absolute priority at Heathcote School. We have a considerable team who are trained safeguarding leads working across the school, these staff members meet frequently and remain responsive to concerns in amongst the day to day roles they also fulfil at Heathcote. The Designated Safeguarding Leads, Mr Neil Hutchins and Mr George Ferrar, along with his Deputy Designated Safeguarding lead, Ms Sam Donoghue work hard to maintain excellent relationships with all relevant agencies and family members. There are many occasions that families need support and guidance throughout their child’s educational years and we are aware that modern day parenting is made all the more difficult due to the online communications that young people engage in.

The following links offer up to date information, guidance and support for child protection and safeguarding concerns that arise. We would very much advocate that parents utilise the advice given and familiarise themselves with their child’s world both online, at school and in the community.


You may find the following links useful;


Key contacts for child protection issues in Waltham Forest


Waltham Forest Directory Support


Child protection and Safeguarding

The above website provides guidance and advice for the local community around safeguarding and a range of Child protection topics.

The NSPCC provide impartial advice, guidance and reporting services across the UK. They provide very specialist training, information and guidance around the safety, care and welfare of children. This includes advice for parents, children and professionals working with children and young people.

Childline are an organisation which provides child friendly advice and guidance for young people of all ages. They provide a platform for children to raise concerns, speak about their troubles, engage with others and also receive advice and guidance which they can utilise in their own situations.

Disrespect nobody is a web based organisation offering help and support for children and young people in relationships. It offers support and information for young people to consider and implement in their own lives.


Street crime, Gangs  and serious youth violence


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