Year 8

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Positive Feedback During Lockdown!

Ms Gasper, Head of Year 8, is really pleased with the influx of positive feedback she has received from teachers after week one of virtual lessons. See more below!

Year 8 Positive Feedback

Year 8 Positive Feedback - another batch!

Year 8 Positive Feedback - Half Term Praise!


Guidance for Year 8 Parents in Lockdown

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If you feel you need additional support with your child's mental health, don't forget our comprehensive listings of materials and free mobile apps which can help. See our COVID-19 page here for more information.


Virtual Tours


Whether it’s a virtual tour of the Great Wall of China, viewing street art from around the world or looking at the panda cam from Atlanta zoo that grabs your interest it’s all here plus more. Just click the links to have a look!


Panda Cam at Atlanta Zoo

World Collection of Street Art

Tour of the British Museum

Farm and Food Tours

Tour of NASA Langley Research Centre

Tour of the Great Wall of China

Virtual Tour of National Parks


How To Reduce Stress In Lockdown

Year 8 how to reduce stress

Revision Challenge

29 April Revision ChallengeGratitude Challenge!

Gratitude challenge H online version

Wellbeing Challenges!

Wellbeing challenge 5th feb

Challenge HT

Ms Gaspers wellbeing challenge week of 22nd

Ms Gaspers wellbeing challenge Mar 23

well being 26 march

Year 8 Treat Day - Wednesday March 3rd 2021