Initial Teacher Training

At Heathcote School and Science College we believe it is important to support new and developing teachers, and have been active members of various training schemes with a view to future employment for talented teachers. Our staff are committed to initial teacher training across all departments, with skilled colleagues who can help to bring the best out of trainee teachers.

Heathcote School and Science College have been active members of the following teacher training programmes during the past three years:

Training to become a teacher at Heathcote School and Science College enables new teachers to grow in a supportive environment, where dedicated staff observe teaching and provide quality feedback relating specifically to the teacher standards. We offer regular and consistent support from senior staff and professional coordinating mentors, as well as weekly training sessions which encompass the wide and varied experiences that a teacher will have as a professional in education.

One of our trainee teachers kindly agreed to be filmed talking about her experiences...



Two of our newly qualified teachers have also shared their thoughts on training at Heathcote School and Science College:


ITT Site EmmaHow has Heathcote helped you in your progress as a teacher?

The department and other staff have been supportive and seem eager to help if and when it is needed. They are always willing to give you pointers or different techniques in the classroom. Heathcote has helped me learn how to interact differently and better with the more difficult pupils.

What has been the most important aspect of your mentoring experience during your training year?

The weekly mentor meetings were most important to me as we went through many different topics and parts to teaching, I could also talk to my mentor at any time in the week and they would be willing to help me. 


I think Heathcote prepared me as much as it could. I came into Heathcote before September and the department helped me to plan, gave me resources and I got to meet some of the pupils. 

- Testimony of an Newly Qualified Teacher


How has Heathcote helped you in your progress as a teacher?ITT Site Gurpreet

Heathcote has provided me a mentor in my department and a PCM to help with any questions about the school teaching environment, as well as weekly meetings based on various topics in the education sector to help aid teaching. 

What has been the most important aspect of your mentoring experience during your training year?

Being able to talk about all the relevant topics to help improve my teaching (behaviour management, SEND, differentiating lessons, safeguarding, etc.) and the ease of contact to mentors when I have any queries. Another important aspect I value is how targets are set and explained clearly after observations. 

How could Heathcote have helped you to feel more welcome in the school?

They made me feel welcome with a positive atmosphere and the staff here are welcoming too.

- Testimony of an Newly Qualified Teacher


Another of our trainee teachers writes;

“The NQT meetings were a nice way of reminding me that I wasn’t the only one going through the experience and created a good platform for discussion.” 

“I am fortunate to belong to a fantastic department who have been extremely welcoming and open to formal and informal discussions on teaching, lesson planning, behaviour, assessment and anything else. These positive interactions from department members I believe have been the most important mentoring process for me, knowing that I can always speak to any of them has helped me feel supported in the classroom and out of it.” 


“The most rewarding aspect of my training has been working with open and helpful teachers; they shared their difficulties and solutions with me. I have asked countless questions and they are never too busy to help out or offer advice when needed.” 


What would you say are the key qualities needed to train to become a teacher?

“Persistence and a positive mind set. I have found teaching to be rewarding but exhausting!”

Newly Qualified Teacher of Geography


Are you interested in joining our school?

If you have a degree in a relevant subject area, you may be the next person to join our growing and ambitious school. We are keen to offer places to enthusiastic and talented individuals who seek the challenge of a rewarding career in education working with a dedicated and skilful team.

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If you are interested in learning more about the possibility of working at Heathcote School and Science College through the Schools Direct programme then please contact the School.