A Great Batch Of Results For Our Year 11 Pupils!

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Heathcote is delighted to announce another great year of success for our pupils in their GCSE exams.

Our Year 11s received some amazing results earlier today, all the more remarkable considering the challenges of the last year. This supremely resilient year group defied the odds and produced some excellent grades, with tears (of joy!) and celebrations as the envelopes were opened. 57% of our GCSE pupils received a Grade 9-5, with 23% achieving the top grades of 9-7. Some 69% scored a Grade 4 or above in English and Maths, and 48% rated a Grade 5 or above in these subjects. All told, a remarkable 75% received five or more awards at Grade 4 or above, and 51% achieved this at Grade 5 or more.

Some of the success stories from today are included below, and we are delighted that most of these pupils are staying on in the Sixth Form:

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Huma Nazar

Huma Nazar – 9s in Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and DT, with 8s in French, Maths and English.

Grace Feltham – 9s in Maths and Biology, 8s in Chemistry, Physics, History, English Literature, 7s in French and English Language plus a Distinction * in DBE.

Ibrahim Khan – 9s in Maths, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English Literature, 8 in English Language and 6s in Computer Science, Geography and History.

Nia Dwufour – 9s in History, Maths, Biology, Physics and Sociology, 8s in Chemistry and English Literature and a 7 in French.

Rachel Elemide – 9s in English Language, English Literature, Chemistry and Sociology, plus a brace of 8s in Geography, Maths, Spanish, Biology and Physics.

IMG 2505Louis Mallandain – 9s in Geography, Biology, Physics and English Language plus 8s in Maths, Spanish, Chemistry and English Literature. Louis also happens to be celebrating his birthday today, and what a way to do it in style!

Kai Murray – 9 in English Literature, plus a brace of 8s in History, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Language.

Brehyr Harvey – A fine set of 9s in Geography, Biology, Chemistry, DT, English Language, English Literature and Sociology, with an 8 in Maths and Physics.

Hannah Luesley – 9s in Geography and Biology plus 8s in Maths, Chemistry, Physics and English Language, a 7 in English Literature and a D*2 in Sport. Hannah will be moving to Devon to take up a position in Equestrianism, allowing her to pursue her love of horses as a career!

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Hannah Luesley

Stephanie Pagan – a 9 in DT bolstered by a fine run of 8s in Geography, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature, English Language and Sociology.

Archie Osbourne – a 9 in Music, French, Maths, Physics and English Language, plus 8s in Geography, Biology, Chemistry and English Literature.

Sunny White – 9s in Maths, Biology and Physics, with 8s in Art, Geography, Chemistry, English Language and a 7 in English Literature and Spanish.


A massive “well done” and huge congratulations to this hard-working year group, who have achieved so much in such adverse circumstances.

Here's to the cohort of 2021!


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Grace Feltham


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Ibrahim Khan


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Nia Dwufour and Rachel Elemide


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Louis Mallandain


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Kai Murray


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Brehyr Harvey


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Stephanie Pagan and Archie Osborne


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Sunny White