Amazing Results for our STEM Club as 3D Printing Project becomes National Finalist!

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Our 3D Printing Project is one of the National Finalists of the Shell Bright Ideas Challenge! Ms Faria tells us about the amazing results for our STEM Club...



A fantastic Park of the Future planned, designed and printed in a 3D printer by our Year 8 pupils is now one of the five finalists in the Bright Ideas Challenge, a competition organised by Shell.


Melih Civici, the designer, said: "The competition challenged us to think about the problems that cities of the future will face, in particular around energy, pollution and transport. We had a few brainstorming sessions in the STEM Club and after a little bit of research decided that we wanted to create a project to Imperial College Heathcote School resizetackle all of these issues. I want to become a designer one day so we decided that the most effective way to showcase all my ideas would be to create a Park of the Future, with many different technological solutions and the added benefit of bringing people in cities a beautiful social and cultural space to improve their quality of life. I learned a lot about 3D printing. When we found out that the project was one of the finalists and we would be at a Prototyping Workshop in Imperial College, I was really proud to be able to speak to all the staff there with confidence about the whole process of creating the prototypes in my park."


Ms Faria, STEM Coordinator, said: "This year's STEM Club is full of talented, independent and highly motivated students. It was an absolute pleasure to help them all develop their creativity, problem solving and presentation skills. It is wonderful to have one of the projects reach such a prestigious final and to have the chance to keep supporting next year's STEM Club with the prize money we will receive. We were all so proud to see Melih being interviewed on ITV and London Live too (click here to view), plus the boys were priveliged to meet competition ambassador and Countdown presenter Rachael Riley. The final will be on 6th July and the public can vote for the final winner. If you are interested in attending, please support our students. Many of the students in the STEM Club will be present, proudly supporting our finalists."


Other students in the STEM Club have also won prestigious awards as a result of their contributions to different activities. Prizes will be given out at the end of the Summer Term to:


Chanel Munroe (Year 10) - STEM Ambassador Award - for helping to motivate, challenge and mentor younger students in the STEM Saturday trips this year; 


Takunda Crowley and C.J. Cameron-Stephens (Year 7) - STEM Initiative Awards - for developing an engineering project to design the best propelled CJ resizegliders possible with materials supplied by the Smallpeice Trust. The prototypes were duly destroyed in testing, which was a huge source of fun to many of the Science teachers.


Doran Elliott, George Rawley-Webb, Michael Georgiev, James Gilchrist and Zak Hussain (Year 8) - STEM Enterprise Awards - for developing a cross-curricular project involving presentation skills that required extreme perseverance, research skills and technical endeavour, which will be used in future years as a model to other students. (See their tremendous video below)



STEM Enterprise resizeJames, Michael and Doran said: "We had a lot of fun developing our project. We argued a lot and learned a lot about ourselves and each other, but it has definitely made us consider STEM options more carefully. We will definitely want to work with each other on other STEM projects again too!"


Photos of all the winners with their certificates and prizes will be on our Twitter account soon, but you can see more of Melih's project below!



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