Arnaldo Sanha - Heathcote Alumni


Head of DT, Mr Dolan, shares some amazing work from one of our Heathcote Alumni from the class of 2018...

Former Heathcote pupil Arnaldo Sanha has shared some of the work he has been doing for his architectural degree at the university of Newcastle. These images are the hand-produced technical drawings that he has created as part of his course requirements.

Arnaldo studied DEC at school and always enjoyed the aspects of this subject that required him to find solutions to building problems. It is really great to see that this early interest at school is now being realised at university level.

We are very proud of all of our former DT pupils working successfully across a number of fields within the built environment and construction industry and look forward to walking into a building in the future that they have designed, project managed, quantity surveyed or civil engineered one day!

Mr Dolan

Head of D.T

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