British Science Week 2018

British Science Week this year runs from 9th - 18th March. To celebrate, a number of activities are available for pupils to join in. Read more below, and see Ms Faria if you'd like to know more...


Poster Competition

Create your own poster for British Science Week and have the chance to win a prize!

The theme for the poster competition this year is "Exploration and Discovery". It is open to all students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Entrants can be teams or individuals, but bear the rules in mind!

  • Teams will be judged in the age category of its oldest member
  • Any prize awarded will be split across the team
  • Entries must be 2D and submitted on one side of A4 or A3 paper only.
  • Work must be original and created by the student(s) - please do not use any templates
  • Posters must include the following information (entrant details can be on the back of the poster):
    • Entrant name and age (all names/ages if a team)
    • Age category (of the oldest team member)
    • School/Youth Group name and address

Entrants must be submitted to Ms Faria by Monday 2nd April 2018 to allow time to be posted.


The Plastic Tide

There is a rising tide in our oceans, a tide of waste plastics.

With each piece of plastic taking over 400 years to degrade, our oceans, all marine life, and even our own health and livelihoods are in real danger of Plastic Tide resizedrowning. Despite this and the 8 million tonnes of Plastics entering our ocean each year, researches can only account for where 1% of that it ends up; our ocean surface. That begs the question...where is the missing 99%?

Here is where The Plastic Tide comes in,

It harnesses drone imagery from a series of beaches, and the power of computer programs (or Machine Learning Algorithms for the more technically minded), to eventually create a program that can auto-detect, measure and monitor the levels of plastics and other marine litter washing up on our beaches. Eventually this will help us to track where plastics and litter go in our oceans, revealing where the missing 99% in our ocean goes.

To get involved in this citizen science project, please visit

Students who send evidence of taking part to Ms Faria by the end of British Science Week will be entered in a draw for Amazon vouchers.


Run To The Deep

Following in the footsteps of the hugely popular Run the Solar System, Run to the Deep is a 10k ‘virtual race’ which involves journeying from the sea surfaceRun to the Deep resize to the bottom of the ocean – accompanied by music and audio commentary from explorer Pierre-Yves Cousteau, son of the famous marine conservationist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Discover mysterious creatures, amazing seascapes, and explore alien environments as you run down to the depths of the ocean. 

To enter, please click here.


Royal Society of Biology Photo Competition

Photo comp landscapeOpen to all year groups - as well as parents and staff - the theme of the Royal Society of Biology's photo competition this year is "Patterns in Nature". See if you can capture some of the eye-catching and intricate details of animals, plants and other aspects of the natural world. Prizes of up to £1000 are available, and the closing date is 31st July 2018. For more information see