Enter the Royal Society of Biology Annual Photography Competition

The Royal Society of Biology annual photography competition invites amateurs to submit photographs on the theme 'Patterns in nature' this year.

Life on Earth encompasses a myriad of regular forms, sequences and structures and we invite you to capture these details of biology. The judges are looking for an original interpretation of the theme.

You might wish to explore how animals use spots, stripes and other shapes to camouflage and signal; or capture the collective arrangement of wildlife in colonies, herds and shoals. Your photograph could depict the spirals and symmetries of the plant kingdom to the meanders and tessellations as seen in wider landscapes.

There are two categories in the competition, each with a cash prize:

  • Photographer of the Year (18 and over) - £1,000 top prize
  • Young Photographer of the Year (under 18) - £500 top prize

For more information speak to Ms Faria or visit https://www.rsb.org.uk/get-involved/rsb-competitions/photography-competition