Heathcote Are Mathletes Champions Once Again!


In February 2021 we were delighted to be crowned East London Mathletes Champions once again! Director of Maths Mr McLean and Teacher of Maths Ms Collins tell us all about it...

It gives us great pride to announce that Heathcote School has retained our title of the East London Mathlete champions! 

Keiran Matthews, Alexander Tyzack, Tanjima Begum, Chinelo Osuji and Yu Tin Wang took part in the competition and we are elated to hear of their success.  Each pupil will be receiving vouchers and a trophy as soon as school is back open!

The evening was run by Sir George Monoux College and consisted of an A-level maths masterclass (on Zoom) followed by a Mathematics competition kahoot style!  The masterclass gave our pupils an insight into what A-level Mathematics involves and allowed them to immerse themselves in some challenging calculus equations. The kahoot quiz required a real team effort; the averages score of all 5 pupils was taken and then compared with other schools


Here’s what our pupils had to say about the event:

Keiran: ‘It was fun and I was surprised when we won!’

Alex: ‘I enjoyed the evening, the lecture and quiz was fun and what made it even better was that in the end we won!’

Tanjima: ‘It was quite challenging but I’m happy my team won!’

Chinelo:  ‘I enjoyed my time attending the George Monoux sixth form college lecture/competition!’

Yu Tin: ‘I enjoyed it and learnt something new.  I’m happy that we won!’


All of our pupils at Heathcote are amazing and this proves we really do have incredible young mathematicians who, I am sure, will go on to do amazing things!  Congratulations Heathcote Mathletes champions 2021!

The final results board was as follows;

1st Place - Heathcote School & Science College

2nd Place - Sarah Bonnell

3rd Place - Frederick Bremer

4th Place - Eastlea


Ms Collins

Teacher of Maths