Heathcote Attends Young, Gifted and Black Awards

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Heathcote were invited to The Young, Gifted and Black Awards towards the end of November. Assistant Head, Ms Argyrakis, writes…


The "Young Gifted And Black Awards" went really well — the venue was packed, there was a great atmosphere and some 132 pupils from across the borough were there to receive trophies supported by their families.

Our GCSE students Leyah and Elianna (pictured right) attended and received trophies, well done!

Of our KS3 students Kayode, Krisalyn, Nia and Juanita (pictured below) were there and were presented with trophies: it was great to see them. Many congratulations to them and I hope they enjoyed the evening.

We know from talking to pupils that they loved feeling the community support behind them and knowing their school values them.

Ms Argyrakis

Heathcote Young Gifted and Black