Heathcote Becomes "Lit In Colour" Pioneer School

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Well done to English teacher Ms Thomas, who has successfully applied to be part of "Lit In Colour". Ms Thomas tells us more...


In March of this year the English department participated in a focus group with parents which sought to explore the diversity of our English curriculum at Key Stage 3. Whilst this was a positive experience, the majority of texts on the national GCSE and A-level curriculum are still written by heterosexual, white males: pupils at Heathcote may be deterred by this lack of representation. We want this to change and have, consequently, successfully applied to be a Lit in Colour pioneer school.

Collaborating with Penguin, Pearson and The Ruddymede trust, the English department at Heathcote are committing to including a text by a minority author as a core part of our A-level curriculum from September 2021. Recognising and commending our desire to diversify our curriculum, the aforementioned organisations are responding by sending the school: free copies of the A-level text, free schemes of work for this text, CPD sessions for our department, meet the author opportunities and 400 books by BAME authors for the library -accessible to all pupils.

We are very excited to be a part of Lit in Colour and continue to demand that our national curriculum represents and reflects the diverse nature of our society.

Ms Thomas


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