Heathcote celebrates some excellent GCSE results in 2018


Heathcote enjoyed some fabulous GCSE results today, with emotional scenes from many of our pupils and in particular our Top Achievers, over 90% of whom will be returning to us in September to continue in the Sixth Form. English results are well above national figures and 4.5% of pupils received a grade 9 in Maths, compared with 3.6% nationally. Congratulations to all our pupils, including our Top 20 Achievers below;



IMG 8181 cropped resizedMoriah Sanusi, our Highest Achiever – seven 9s and one 8

Michael Stanway – six 9s, two 7s and one A*

Niloufar Soleymaninejad – one 9, seven 8s and one A

Lydia Sallery – two 9s, five 8s, one 7 and two A*

Samuel Green – one 9, three 8s, two 7s , one 6 and an  A*

Hafsa Akbar – one 9, five 8s, two 7s, two 5s and one C

Aadam Huda – four 9s, one 8, two 5s and one A*

Heathcote GCSE Results 2018Shahin Erdal – two 9s, three 7s, two 6s and one B

Mary Annan – two 9s, one 8, four 7s and one 5

Tadas Rimkevicius – one 9, two 8s, two 7s, two 6s and one 5

Maya McDonald – two 8s and six 7s

Muhammad Baasit – one 9, two 8s, two 7s, two 6s and one C

Nathaniel Elemide – one 8, four 7s, two 6s and one A*

Miles Mulomba – three 8s, two 7s, two 6s and one C

IMG 8256 resizeAfiya Harper – one 9, two 8s, one 7, one 6, two 5s and a B

Zane Essel – one 8, one 7, four 6s, one 5, one A*

Eleanor Harvey – one 9, one 8, three 7s, three 5s

Mariam Ashraff – one 8, three 7s, three 6s, one 5

Andrea Agyei-Mensah – one 8, one 7, three 6s, one 5, one 4 and two As

Muaaz Haffejee – one 8, three 7s, one 6, one 5, one 4 and one A



Congratulations to all our pupils, we wish you the very best for the future!


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