Heathcote Cooks for Black History Month!


Join us to celebrate Black History month with us at Heathcote School. Teacher of Food Tech, Ms Krakue, is delighted to be able to share some of Heathcote's staff cooking with you!


The fantastic Heathcote staff have come together to share and celebrate some of their favourite dishes from Africa and the Caribbean! Join our celebrations by watching the videos! Why not try making one of the dishes at home? Share your pictures with us if you do!

Send your pictures to pkrakue@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk

You can learn some more about Black History at https://ourhistoryissharedhistory.com/#


Meanwhile, enjoy the videos below!

Ms Krakue



And there's more! See the links below for further recipes...

Mr Prince shows you how to cook a lamb curry.

Ms Dadzie cooks jollof rice...

Mr Walters makes some dumplings!

Ms Krakue demonstrates plantain and peanuts.