Heathcote DEC! students enjoy a variety of educational experiences this term

1 DEC Visit LREF

This term a number of our DEC! (Design, Engineer, Construct) students have been privileged to experience a variety of workshops and visits, including to our own construction site where our new Year 7 building is taking shape. Head of D.T, Mr Dolan, writes in from the field...


1. DEC! Level 3 VisitLondon Real Estate Forum

Students studying the Design…Engineer…Construct! Level 3 qualification attended the London Real Estate Forum at Berkley Square this term, enjoying the benefits of learning about the issues facing local communities within London as well as the wonderful opportunities that our city has to offer. The students spoke with industry professionals and gained further insight into possible career pathways open to them as DEC! students.

The opportunity to see the 10 metre scale model of the City of London was a great one and this should prove to be a very useful experience when students have to generate their own design ideas for their DEC! Level 3 qualification. 

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2. DEC! Level 2 VisitYear 7 Building

A group of GCSE DEC! students visited the site of the new Year 7 building to understand how a construction project is managed and achieved with the aim of 2 Year 7 Building Visit sharpened resized webapplying some of the techniques to their own DEC! Level 2 project. Students were provided with the tour by members of the Wilmott Dixon team who gave us detailed information about their construction methods, which will provide great starting points for our students creative design solutions for the community buildings they are designing for their DEC! Level 2 qualification. The students were able to ask many questions and were made to feel really welcome by the team.

We would like to thank Wilmott Dixon for their continued support of our DEC! students by taking the time to explain their design solutions to the various design challenges that a community project brings. 


3. DEC! Level 2Engie [Olympic Park]

The London Legacy Group Engie provided our DEC! Level 2 students with a great workshop on managing a community site and tackling the challenges of20170621 130040 1 sharpened brightened resized maintenance, security and health and safety on a grand scale. The purpose of the visit was to stimulate student responses for their DEC! Level 2 qualification where students are challenged with the task of designing a community leisure facility that promotes health, sociability and well-being. Part of the course requirements are that students consider how they can design and plan their buildings to support the longevity of the project so that a useful space for the whole of the community is created.

The students rose to the challenges set before them; addressing the various needs of a leisure facility on the scale of the Aquatic Centre in the face of a series of potential and real-life problems that could occur during an event. The students worked with professionals who gave up their time to provide great insights into the many aspects of their roles that require them to ensure that their visitor’s experiences are positive ones through management, design and ingenuity.

Thank you to Rowan, Adele and her team for taking the time to support our students with their journey into the professional world of the built environment and construction industry. 


4. DEC! Level 2 Romford Ice Rink

On Tuesday 27th June 2017 some of our DEC! Level 2 students visited the site of the new Romford Leisure Centre where an innovative new swimming pool IMG 2013 sharpened resizedand ice-rink facility is being constructed by Wilmott Dixon. Reda Amri, a BIM designer for Wilmott Dixon, provided our students with the opportunity for a visit to our new Year 7 building and during this visit some of our students explained their ideas for a leisure centre with a first floor swimming pool. The students wanted to know how feasible this idea was and were therefore given the opportunity to see a construction project such as this being created first-hand at the Romford site.

This wonderful opportunity came as a result of the students’ discussions with professionals within the industry who are really supportive of our young and enthusiastic learners. We very much appreciate them opening up their site for Heathcote students to learn about construction methods being employed by Wilmott Dixon for this unique project. The level of detail provided by Wilmott Dixon professionals and the manner in which they presented this insight was superb; it proved to be very accessible for our students, who asked many challenging questions ranging from construction methods to building maintenance. All told, it was a really great session that simply cannot be gained from secondary research.

The DT department would like to thank Wilmott Dixon for their continued support of our students and we feel that this experience will really broaden the horizons for this next generation of designers and engineers.