Heathcote Pupils Attend Design and Technology Eco Workshop


Some of Heathcote's Year 9 pupils took part in an Eco Workshop this week. Head of Design and Technology, Mr Dolan, tells us about it!


Year 9 Design and Technology pupils participated in an Eco Workshop to give an insight into the kind of opportunities and experiences they could expect if 1they decided to choose the options of "Designing the Built Environment" or a DT subject (Product Design, Graphics or Textiles).

The Eco Workshop was run by London Legacy Development (LLDC) and delivered by practising architect John Enyon of Open Water Consulting. Pupils tackled a given design brief and worked in different roles to deliver a presentation in an effort to tender a bid for construction.

DT pupils in year 9 did a great job of presenting their ideas for an Eco Classroom during a whole day workshop with the winning team impressing our panel of judges with their ideas and quality of presentation. Heathcote pupils can really respond to challenges set before them!


Mr Dolan

Head of D.T