Heathcote Pupils Participate in Deaf Aspirations Day

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Some of Heathcote's deaf pupils took part in our Deaf Aspirations Day at the beginning of February. Lead Teacher for the Deaf, Ms Jarrett writes...


Deaf Aspirations Day is an event developed to inspire and encourage our deaf students to realise that they can achieve in spite of their disability, to have big aspirations for their futures and therefore to work hard at school in order to achieve their goals.  Pre and post event student voice surveys have demonstrated that following the day students have grown dramatically in confidence in vital areas that will impact on their aspirations to achieve in school.  As part of Aspirations Day this year we thoroughly enjoyed be hosting a pre-show workshop for London schools who are then attending a captioned and BSL integrated performance of Romeo and Juliet at the Globe theatre.  Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank is the Globe Theatre’s flagship project for secondary and A-level students. Created for young people and designed to support teaching English in the National Curriculum, the acclaimed series delivers thrilling 90-minute fully-staged versions of Shakespeare’s plays. Students also benefitted from a creative and interactive careers and life skills. provided by deaf adult role models from the National Deaf Children’s Society. It was fantastic to see students from different schools working together and forming new friendships.

Watch the video below!