Heathcote Reaches Final of Jack Petchey Speak-out Challenge

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Heathcote was delighted to be able to participate in the finals of the Jack Petchey Speak-out Challenge on November 27th 2018. Teacher of English, Ms Kadir, writes…


At the end of November, Jack Duffy (a Year 10 pupil) was put through to the final of the Jack Petchey Speak-Out Challenge. He and Joshua Laing, our reserve finalist, did Heathcote proud at the event which took place at Buxton School in Leytonstone. His speech was pitch perfect and very well received.  Unfortunately he did not place in the top three, but the competition was of an extremely high standard.

The fact that Jack was able to go forward and speak honestly and with wry humour about his social anxiety is ‘a win’ in itself however!

Jack (pictured on the right below with Josh) spoke of his experience afterwards;


“Throughout this entire experience, I have been stressed, worried and anxious. I have been out of my comfort zone for the best part of a month…

…and it has helped my mental health massively.

I went into this programme as a lanky teen with a spotty face, a lazy personality and social anxiety. Well, I can’t exactly say anything has changed other than my anxiety has been slightly lessened, but that’s why the Jack Petchy program is so great.

It gets you out there and makes you face your fears. It helps you break out of the years of doubting yourself. It makes you feel happy about who you are, whoever you may be.

I had been worrying about the Jack Petchey speech as public speaking is one of my biggest fears, so it may seem rather strange doing the Speech Challenge with social anxiety. But I am so happy I did.

I am more comfortable with my flaws and imperfections after the Jack Petchey Speak-out Challenge. I have even realised that some of the flaws were just products of my own anxious mind. I would recommend the Challenge to anyone.”


Jack Duffy (10.3)


Heathcote Jack Petchey final