Heathcote School in Barcelona!

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Some of Heathcote's Year 10 pupils enjoyed a fabulous trip to Spain soaking up the sunshine! Head of MFL, Ms Senior, writes...


Our pupils were lucky enough to experience the delights of Barcelona this month (and we couldn't have wished for better weather...). They learnt a great deal about Spanish culture, relishing the opportunity to polish their speaking skills on many occasions. In fact, we almost became "autoctonos" (native speakers)!

SAM 4040 resizeOn our trip we visited Las Ramblas, El Museo Olimpico and took a four hour tour of the city, including the fabulous architectural gems of Parc Guell and the world-famous Sagrada Familia, both designed by the brilliant architect Antoni Gaudi. We couldn't resist the opportunity to visit the beach too, but we had to learn how to use the Barcelona tube system in order to do so...


One of our pupils, Sophie Washbrook in 10.6, added her own slant on our tour - in Spanish, of course;

"Fui en un viaje con mi colegio a Barcelona y fue inolvidable. Hube tres lugares favoritos:

  1. Las Ramblas – un mercado cuando probé churros. ¡Fue fenomenal!

  2. Me encantó ver la Sagrada Familia porque es muy bonita y creo que aprendiendo sobre la historia de la iglesia fue bastante interesante. Opino que la arquitectura fue increíble porque había mucho detalle en el edificio.

  3. Sin embargo me gustó mucho ver Park Güell porque fue bello. Saque muchas fotos.

El Museo Olímpico fue guay porque vi los vídeos antiguos de las Olimpíadas.

El Museo de Arte Contemporáneo fue bastante divertido porque podé pasar tiempo con mis amigas.

Viajando en tren me hizo darme cuenta los trenes de Londres es más contaminado que los trenes de Barcelona!"


Sophie even kindly translated to English for us!

I went on a trip with my School to Barcelona and it was unforgettable! There were three places in particular that I really enjoyed:SAM 4090 resize

1. Las Ramblas- where there was a market and I tasted “churros”- a Spanish delicacy (Spanish doughnuts …but better!)

2. I loved sightseeing the Sagrada Familia because it is very pretty and I think that I learnt a lot about the history of the Church which was interesting. I believe that the architecture was incredible because there was some many details on the building.

3. Of course, I also loved going to the Park Guell because it was beautiful. I took a lot of pictures.

The Olympic Museum was cool because I saw historical videos of Past Olympics games.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts was quite fun as I could spend some time there with my Friends.

Travelling by tube there made me realize that the London tube is more polluted tan the one in Barcelona!


Ms Senior

Head of MFL


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