Heathcote students participate in Guardian video editing activity

This February, Heathcote pupils visited The Guardian's workshop on video editing, the theme of which was Climate Change. Melih Civici from 8.3 writes...

On Friday 2nd February 2018 we went on a trip to The Guardian to do video editing. I really enjoyed this trip a lot. When we went, there was a lady that worked at the Guardian that showed us our task and what we are supposed to do. We were in pairs and shared an iMac. Together we had to get clips, make them shorter and add backgrounds, effects, music and much more. My partner was Ryan and we worked really well. We did equal amount of work and helped each other. We completed the challenging task, where we had to do many clips into one video. We didn’t find it too challenging and actually found it easy. I knew how to do many things like backgrounds, effects, music and overlapping audio already. At the end of this experience, we made a really cool video explaining about polar bears, penguins, global warming and forest fires.

Melih Civici

Form 8.3

 Heathcote Guardian Visit