Imperial College scientists visit Heathcote

2nd in Science, Ms Karpinska, tells us about an interesting visit to Heathcote for our Year 7 pupils last week:


Two scientists from Imperial College, Steven Simpson and Jordi Hidalgo Aguilera, visited Heathcote School to share their knowledge and inspire a new generation of scientists in the following activities:

A guide to Sciencing Life: Students were introduced to the basis and emergence of the scientific method and how it can be applied to science and everyday life. The students used their new knowledge to apply the scientific method to try to make sense of three situations: laser vibrations through music, self-siphoning beads and one completely non-scientific example.

Fractal Art Lab: This fascinating activity allowed students to reflect on the relationship of Science, Maths and Art. The students worked on different activities related to “fractals” (fractal designs with cut-outs, dendritic painting and a demo of fractal diffusion).

Imperial College Heathcote visit

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