Lateral Flow Testing Gets Up To Speed At Heathcote

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January sees Heathcote School undertaking regular COVID-19 testing on-site for both staff and pupils using the Lateral Flow method. Assistant Head, Mr Hutchins, tells us more...

We have now began the rollout of the Rapid Flow Testing at Heathcote with the first batch of staff being tested through the new setup last week. This Tuesday saw the first pupils through the testing process which provided a point of discussion for many of them. All pupils were negative we are pleased to say which allowed them to continue at school with us for the time being which is always reassuring.

We are indebted to the volunteers that have so kindly offered their time to assist with the testing. Many are parents of our pupils and this is such a considerable commitment from them given all of the circumstances that we are now living with. We thanks all of them and look forward to working with them in this new provision within the school.  We are proposing to continue to increase the amount of testing that we are doing in school over the coming weeks.

Stay safe everyone.

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