Our Second Challenge Week Kicks Off!

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All pupils in Years 7 – 9 and Years 10 and 12 have been participating in Challenge Week so we can assess what has been learnt during lockdown. Pupils have also been enjoying a series of drop down activities relating to PIE or wider issues such as Careers, which has provide some relief from assessments.

These sessions have been led by external facilitators on the following topics:

  • Exploitation and grooming
  • Prevent
  • Internet safety
  • Drug awareness
  • Gender and Identity


“ The exploitation and grooming drop down session really helped me to understand the issues around this through fun and  interesting conversations” Janae,  8.7.

“The sessions have been really interesting and a different experience for me…I think they have been a good use of time because I have learnt some new facts about gangs and drug awareness” Ismail, 8.5


The inter-form competitions have been a huge success with pupils in PE undertaking a number different competitions:

“ It was very exciting and great that the whole year group was able to participate – the competitions were friendly and enjoyable and we were able to communicate and work successfully in our team to succeed ” Gabi, 9.2.

“It was great that we got to undergo team building with our form and take a break from lessons and exams” Yu Xuan, 9.2

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