We Attend Women In Law Society Meeting At City University


Raising the aspirations has never been more important than now for our pupils. Ms Ahmed arranged for Heathcote pupils to attend a 'Women in Law' society meeting at City University. A fantastic account of this is provided below by Bernice in Year 9!


"Attending the meeting Rachida Benemar hosted was truly motivational. As she talked about how she grew from nothing and found herself, from arriving at a new country and new surroundings with nothing to creating such a powerful and captivating name for herself, it was incredibly encouraging and the talk taught me to step out of my comfort zone. After the call, I decided to compliment people more and display who I am - she taught me to be myself and embrace my flaws.

Being a person of colour and coming from a different cultural background, it was substantially reassuring to see that, with hard work and effort, you can be who you are and what you want to be, regardless of society's standards and what other people think of you. I'm extremely grateful for the role models around me and I am excited to become a role model for future young people. :)"



Year 9