Where Are They Now? We hear from Heathcote alumni Rhys Browne

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Rhys Browne - Class of 2010


Rhys Browne graduated from Heathcote School Year 11 in 2010. He then went on to Sixth Form where he achieved 5 A-levels. 

After finishing school, Rhys decided to go down the path of university and after much hard work, gained a conditional offer from The University of Nottingham - a prestigious Red Brick University. 

Rhys studied in Nottingham for three years, graduating in 2016 with a 2:1 in a degree in “Politics and International Relations”. 

However, upon finishing, Rhys decided a desk job wouldn't be best suited for his personality and he decided that he would thrive in a more hands on environment. 

This led Rhys to applying for the London Fire Brigade. An unsuccessful first application did not deter Rhys and on his second try he was accepted through to the LFB training school where for 11 weeks he went through rigorous written tests, physical drills and medicals before graduating in April 2017. 

Today Rhys is known as Firefighter Browne, based on White Watch at Hendon Fire station. He works two day shifts and two night shifts a week which are known as 'tours' with four days off in between each tour. 

When asked what he enjoys most about the Fire Brigade, Rhys said he liked 'being out and about in the community and talking to people'.