'Why, what's the matter, That you have such a February face...?

Year 8 braved the blizzard to enjoy another successful trip to the Globe Theatre this week.

The snow flurries only made the production of 'Much Ado about Nothing' more magical. 

The Globe, of course, is a modern reconstruction of an open air 16th century theatre where Shakespeare plays were performed.

The group consisted of sixty-five Year 8 pupils from each Year 8 English set, who were chosen as a reward for consistently good effort, progress and behaviour. Although not studying this particular play, they were offered the opportunity to build on knowledge they had gained from studying ‘Macbeth’ which will be of great use for future studies of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for their GCSE.

For many, it was their first experience of the Globe. The English department prepared a synopsis of the play for them to enjoy before leaving school so as to ensure they were able to follow the plot and therefore fully enjoy the experience.

We had just enough time for pupils to appreciate and admire the stunning views of the Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral and London Bridge before the show.

It was fantastic to see our pupils so engaged with the performance; laughing, cheering and jeering at all the right moments. Everyone was delighted when the characters danced to ‘Candy’ by Cameo. Of course, it is unlikely that this would feature in the original stage directions but that is what makes ‘Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank’ project so much fun!

Ms Kee-Rose

Lead Teacher for Key Stage 3 English


Heathcote Globe Theatre