Winter Art Exhibition is a feast for the eyes!

Celebrating the achievements of students from all year groups, this year's Winter Art Exhibition, which opened on the 14th of December to coincide with Expressive Arts faculty's Winter Showcase, was vibrant and colourful taking, inspiration from the wonder of the natural world.

This term year 7 students explored different mark making techniques such as experimental drawing, printmaking with string and carving textures into clay in their "Take a Line for a Walk" project. Year 8 explored drawing, printmaking and water colour painting in order to represent "Natural Form". At the end of their projects both year groups worked together to produce hundreds of paper birds, which they decorated with eye catching "scruffitto" oil pastel designs, to create a delightful installation reminiscent of birds sitting on telephone wires.

Heathcote Transition BuildingIMG 6515 resizeAs part of their "Tactility" project, Year 9 and 10 contributed a breath taking series of water colour and oil paintings of cut fruit, as well as producing drawings and prints of a variety of textured materials such as leaves, rocks and rope.

In their project “Beginning and End” year 11 learnt about the cultural significance of flowers, which are an integral part of the many celebrations and rituals that mark the different stages of our lives, such as birthdays, weddings and funerals. Poppy Majid produced a beautiful mixed media piece inspired by the henna designs which are part of Asian marriage traditions.

Year 12 and 13 students created a dramatic impact with the giant Pop Art inspired ice-cream sculptures of Emily Cook and the stunning photorealism of Ellie Boyle’s portraits.

Heathcote’s talented young artists are already developing their latest imaginative ideas, so watch this space to see what they come up with for the Summer Art Exhibition in July. 


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