Winter Concert showcases Heathcote's talent

Ms Argyrakis tells us about this year's annual Winter Showcase demonstrating some of our superb home-grown talent!

The Winter Showcase was put together by our very talented pupils and Mr Argyrakis to celebrate the achievements of pupils from all year groups. The Showcase took place on the 14th of December and was planned to coincide with the Art Department’s Exhibition so that the audience could look at the fantastic artwork as they came into the school.

The concert showcased some of the best talent across the school. There were a variety of musical performances in different genres and styles; including vocal solos, duets, piano solos, a double bass solo, a flute solo, the Year 8 steel pan ensemble, the guitar group and the school choir. The performers thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the standard of performances was extremely high. As a bonus, some of the GCSE and A-level music pupils were able to gain valuable performing experience with their upcoming GCSE and A Level performances and recitals next term. 

Many thanks to Lara Eidi our singing and piano teacher, Aaron Khan, Garry Robinson, Mr Argyrakis, Ms Argyrakis and our two of our ex-students Chris Deering and Tim Faminu, who came back to help support the performers with concert rehearsals and on the night.

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Heathcote Winter Showcase

Ms Argyrakis

Assistant Head