Year 11 Science Students produce excellent presentations on global warming

Ms Zaman recounts some excellent work by some of our Year 11 Science students in November...


Year 11 Triple Science students were given a challenge in November to produce a presentation that would make the general public aware of the effects of 20171117 143456 resizeglobal warming. They produced some fantastic pieces of homework. We had pupils performing a role play of the US Presidential Election Rally as global warming was a hot topic! (No pun intended). Others produced very informative PowerPoint presentations that really highlighted the causes and effects of global warming. The Year 11 pupils put in a tremendous amount of effort and their hard work certainly did pay off! It was very difficult to determine a winner, however the group that took the prize made a music video which the whole class agreed deserved to be in first place.

The music video can be seen on Heathcote’s twitter, @heathcotee4 !

Year 11 Science Project