Year 8 Pupils Enjoy Treat Day

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On Wednesday 3rd March Year 8 took part in our first ever ‘Treat Day’. Head of Year 8, Ms Gasper, tells us about it...

Our pupils enjoyed a range of activities on Treat Day. They began the day watching Michael Morpurgo’s Tales from Shakespeare: Macbeth, and during Period 2 they got creative making characters from the story, retelling the plot through storyboarding, animation and video and even experimenting with rhyme and creating their own spells. After lunch they took part in a scavenger hunt and those in school did some cooking while pupils at home had their down time.

The day went well and I have already received lots of positive messages from both pupils and teachers and some brilliant examples of the tasks produced by pupils. Please encourage your child to share their work with us if they haven’t already done so and to complete the pupil feedback from on Google Classroom.

Pupil comments about the day include:

“It was really fun to do as it was something different to enjoy! The scavenger hunt was most fun because everyone could take part and was something different.”

“Period 3 it was just amazing and enjoyable...we ran around our houses or rooms and found objects, we did a Maths quiz and it was the most fun lesson today that ever happened!”

“The scavenger hunt was enjoyable because it was a break from sitting at the desk all lesson.”


Creative Macbeth – Please take a look at some of the fabulous work our year 8s produced during period 2...


Brilliant work from 8.1 - in particular Elijah Simpson’s Witch, Brooke and Rian’s Robotic Macbeth, Nelly Krizan’s spooky cinnamon rolls, Akifah’s model, Amira’s drawings of the Macbeths and Fatima Mohamed’s drawing of King Duncan, along with Evie’s storyboard! Plus also excellent models of Lady Macbeth and a witch by Reyyan, Zeynep and Teddy;

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Another great creation by Zaki...

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...and a very creative video retelling the tale of Macbeth by Ackshaiyan:




There were also some great spell examples from Gregory and Sanjeeka...

Spell to reverse time

Tail of rat and eye of newt 

Scolding fire and ear of moose,

Fangs of bat with dogs fur 

Trickle in a cat's purr,

Thumb of chimp and nose of man

 A slimy substance in a mysterious can,

Bubble the broth till it all goes black 

Then the time will go back!


Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Spiders guts but this time, double.

Don’t forget the children’s heads

Cockroaches but make sure they are dead.

Wings of a bat, tail of a rat.

An ogre’s toe, feet of a doe.

Ancestors soul, blood of a troll.

That was a lot of trouble,

Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.


Later on, pupils also enjoyed the chance to brush up on their cooking skills. There were some excellent cakes made by Brooke, Rian and Nell, and Acacia made some fabulous fishcakes!

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Ms Gasper

Head of Year 8