Heathcote students attend Saturday Open Day at University of Westminster

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On Saturday 7 October, a group of Heathcote students attended this event at the Cavendish campus, which was organised by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Ms Faria (and Melih!) tell us all about it;

There were several hands-on workshops and STEM lectures, including:

  • ·         Maths in Games: Collision Detection.
  • ·         Circuits and snap circuits.
  • ·         Spaghetti and Marshmallow Construction Challenge.
  • ·         Spark Lab Activities.
  • ·         Virtual reality experience (VR).
  • ·         Robotics Demos with a competition for the best demo as voted by the audience.


IMG 20171007 160618 resizeOur students performed particularly well in the engineering challenges and even got a loud commendation from one of the lecturers for managing to set up a miniature motored cableway car!

Some of the maths, games and robotics lectures were extremely advanced, but nevertheless helped raise the curiosity of our students for the academic aspects of those fields.

Ms Faria


One of the students who attended, Melih Civici, wrote;

"On Saturday the 7th October 2017 we attended the STEM Event at the University of Westminster. We went with Ms Faria and four other students. STEM was one of my favourite subjects in Year 7 so this trip was really fun and interesting. There were lots of STEM workshops including maths, circuits, virtual reality, robotics, spaghetti and marshmallow construction and cable vehicle construction. My favourite was the cable vehicle project. In this workshop we had to create a vehicle that could cross the cable using Lego and battery powered Lego wheels. We were really successful and got it to work. We first designed the vehicle and then we modified it to hold a battery pack and move across the wire on its own. Me and Hasan did most of the building. He created a cage and I got the mechanism to work and move."