Heathcote students celebrate success at the Jack Petchey Awards

Jack Petchey 1

On the 11th of October, 2017 we celebrated our achievements with families, friends and carers at the Jack Petchey Achievement Awards evening at the Walthamstow Assembly Hall. Congratulations go to Skyla Gowan, Robyn Fereira, Hannah Luesley, Anaya Shahzad, Eliza Ullersperger, Aymun Ali, Thomas Sawyer, Deniz Yazgan and Tijen Teyfik. Also congratulations to Mr Gavin Prince for winning the Leader Award. There was a wonderful dance performance during the ceremony involving the very talented Anais Saunders- Mitchell. All the performance acts were outstanding and helped to create 'a night to remember!’ (Skyla Gowan, Year 8). 

Eliza, 18, won the Jack Petchey award due to her services in raising the profile of the school. Eliza spoke frequently at events and went out of her way in Jack Petchey 2recommending and highlighting the good work done by pupils in the school. Eliza led by example and was a role model of the highest order throughout her time at Heathcote and as the Head Girl. 

Deniz, 17,  was voted our prefect of the year and she was integral in bringing about significant change to the school improvements. She championed planner changes, tutorial changes and also urged and encouraged  others in improving the school environment. Deniz was a committed member of the school’s Junior Leadership team and her example in this role made her a real ambassador for change. 

Robyn, 16, won the award for her care and consideration in helping two school refusers to attend school. RobynJack Petchey 3 gave up her time to make a huge impact in helping to erase these students’ fears of school. She would welcome them in each morning and also look out for them throughout the day. Her work as a true community citizen of Heathcote warrants real commendation. 

Hannah, 11,  has been awarded the Jack Petchey award for the fantastic start that she has made to life at Heathcote School. She is a real asset in PE.  She is always polite, eager and helpful, she has therefore become a role model to others, and will be a fantastic leader in the future. Her leadership skills involve assisting others in PE and she does this consistently week in and week out. 

Jack Petchey 4Anaya, 14,  is a  delightful student who is an extremely positive role model for other students.  She is always impeccably behaved, polite, helpful and hardworking. She has been a deaf peer mentor for the younger Year 7 students who started at Heathcote this year.  She shows great perseverance and resilience in overcoming her disabilities and is a true ambassador for Heathcote School. 

Tijen, 15, is consistently making significant progress in her Graphics coursework and is an active member of the graphics group providing support to her peers and the teacher. She is an enthusiastic student who, when asked to Jack Petchey 5represent the school through the Design Ventura project was dedicated and an active team player producing an interesting design and presentation.  

Aymun, 15,  is a hardworking student and regularly comes back after school to complete her Textiles work.  She has been very committed to her learning within her theory and coursework. she is currently working above her target grade and to a high standard.  Her contributions in lessons are invaluable. 

Skyla, 11,  has been awarded the Jack Petchey prize for organising the single biggest charity event that the school has ever co-ordinated. She organised and ran a collection for the entire school and was the student who requested that the event took place and took the lead. The school raised in excess of £1000 in a single day and all for non-uniform and comic relief. Skyla has also been helping consistently in the dining hall with all the canteen staff on Jack Petchey 6a daily basis. 

Tom Sawyer, 18,  has always been part of that silent middle group – representing the majority of students that we see across our school and across most schools.  He achieves well, but has never been recognised for his abilities. Upon starting his A-Level programmes with me last year, Tom’s teachers noticed real talent in Tom – the way he constructs his answers; the effort he applies to his studies and his willingness to always help out.  At the end of the last academic year, Tom achieved some of the highest results in both A-Level subjects.  He is now on course to achieve two A grades in both subjects, surpassing all expectations, despite being that silent middle for 6 years. As well as volunteering within the Economics and Accounting department, and mentoring students below him; he used his successful work experience placement to secure a relationship between Natwest Plc (Chingford) and our school – to provide financial literacy education to key stage 3 students.  This he did voluntarily; and organised a meeting between the manager of Natwest and his teacher  to establish some medium term plans for our school.  This shows Tom’s commitment, over and above his prefect responsibilities, to promoting financial literacy to all our students and to give back to the community. A sincere and most personable young man, he has been an invaluable asset to my department in assisting me with extracurricular summary sheets, and being available to help.