School Updates


Ofsted Update - Posted 10th January 2018

Ofsted have completed their Section 8 Inspection. Thank you to all those parents/carers and pupils that completed the survey. The pupils were exemplary yesterday and did the school proud. Due to Ofsted procedures, we will not be able to share any information with you for up to four weeks. However, the fact remains that it is business as usual. We are, as you know, on a journey to make this school the best it can be and improve progress for all pupils, as well as ensuring they develop their personal and social skills outlined in our vision. We will continue to do that day in and day out and will be restless and ambitious in our approach.


Support Staff - Posted 8th January 2018

The school is currently undergoing a consultation period as part of a support staff restructure. This is to ensure that the school is providing the best value for money in this difficult economic climate and also to ensure that the organisation of our staff is the best it can be to support our pupils to achieve the bright futures enshrined in our vision. This includes ensuring challenge for all whilst also developing the personal growth of every pupil. The process will take place during the Spring Term and we will inform you of any changes that affect your child. We will ensure that we work with staff in an open and transparent way to ensure this process is as positive and smooth as possible.


GCSE Options - 5th January 2018 

A letter has been sent to all Year 8 parents/carers explaining the current situation regarding GCSE Options. Please make sure you read this and contact the school if you have any queries. Please click here to view the letter.