About Us

Heathcote's ethos is one of success built on inclusion, care and support for all its learners.

At Heathcote School, no one is left behind. We encourage, challenge and stretch each pupil through a broad and balanced curriculum, outstanding resources and high-quality learning experiences ensuring everyone develops resilience leading to success in the classroom and beyond. We include everybody in our vision and support staff and pupils in being self-aware, self-motivated and independent and create an all-round safe and comfortable experience allowing self-confidence to thrive. This thirst to succeed will ensure learners have bright futures and are ready to meet the demands of the 21st century.

GroupHeathcote's Aims

The school community will all work towards these key school improvement priorities: 

  • Building at all levels an ambitious culture of high challenge and low threat enabling Heathcote to be the school of choice for staff and parents
  • Ensuring the best possible learning and, leadership of learning, across the school
  • Ensuring 'safety first' ethos and values and exemplary standards of behaviour and attendance that are exemplary within the school and community
  • Giving all pupils equal opportunities to make maximum progress - we will not be a COASTING school