About Us

A very warm welcome to our 11-18 school and our amazing and talented pupils. Our website will be changing over the next few weeks and we aim for this to be an exemplary hub of information from September providing all the information that you need to support your child at school. Heathcote School and Science College has a clear vision and values statement which makes it clear what we stand for:


  • SLT Group Resize 2We encourage our pupils to take pride in their learning and community – to work hard, pursue continual improvement and achieve to the best of their abilities. Pupils seek and embrace feedback and show tolerance and mutual respect to each other.


  • We challenge our pupils to take responsibility for their learning, to be resilient to failure and to self-regulate their behaviour. All our staff and governors are determined that all pupils confidently strive for success and expect them to be present and punctual.


  • We succeed when all pupils reach their academic potential and are thoughtful, caring and honest citizens; leaving Heathcote fully prepared for the next stage of their life – whether that be in education, training or employment. We succeed by letting them do so in a comfortable and safe environment where they take a proactive role and develop socially.


I have an excellent team of Senior and Middle Leaders, as well as Governors, who are committed to driving school improvement to ensure Heathcote provides you and your children with the best education both academically as well as spiritually, socially, culturally and morally. This will ensure that all pupils can become the best they can be and doors will be opened to them in the pathways they wish to follow after school. In addition, my team of teachers and support staff are absolutely determined to provide the very best learning and teaching experiences they can ensuring lessons are typically challenging and inspiring. We have chosen six key objectives for this year to ensure we are focusing on the things that really matter. All levels of school improvement work this year will be based around these six objectives:


  • Pupils are proud of Heathcote and self-regulate their behaviour both in and out of school creating a calm and orderly environment. These high standards are supported by robust structures, staff and pupil leadership and increased parental support to ensure exceptional behaviour, high levels of understanding and respect for all and highly positive attitudes
  • High quality CPD and line management enables Middle Leaders to grow, be highly visible, develop a coherent vision and challenge, train and support staff to meet the highest possible standards in all areas
  • The broad and balanced curriculum is reviewed and developed to ensure we have the right intent, impact and implementation for our Heathcote learners at all levels; it is understood by all and ambitiously delivered to ensure all pupils achieve highly
  • Both in and out of class, tutoring, learning and teaching, work-related learning and other opportunities - including the pupil passport  - are exciting, engaging and allow unique opportunities for all learners ensuring Heathcote provides extensive cultural capital
  • Robust monitoring and leadership of attendance enable pupils and their families to take responsibility for school attendance leading to attendance levels above the national average for all groups of pupils.
  • The financial deficit is reduced in line with robust targets by ensuring the best deployment of physical and human resources


Our 2018-19 Sixth Form results show pupils continue to achieve some amazing results at Heathcote and the number of pupils securing Russell Group offers remains very high. Vocational results continue to be outstanding. Further details are available here.


We were delighted to receive good judgements in all areas in our 2018 Ofsted Inspection. Pupils were extremely open and engaging with the Inspectors and clearly very proud of their school.


We are immensely proud of our GCSE pupils (2018-19), who have achieved some phenomenal results and overall English results are above national, with Maths meeting national standards. 60% of pupils achieved a 4 in Maths and English, and 38% a 5 in both subjects. Further analysis will be shared once national progress data is in but we hope to have shown increased progress, despite the limitations of 8 GCSE subjects (all pupils going forward have at least 9 subjects). Further details can be found here. This year, we are looking to increase the opportunities for providing cultural capital for pupils inside and outside of school, looking at leadership opportunities, as well as increasing work experience opportunities at prestigious companies, plus providing more opportunities to visit universities. In addition we are considering the role the Sixth Form can play in supporting and motivating pupils lower down the school. We hope to work more closely with the local community building exemplary harmonious relationships between the school and local people with our pupils being ambassadors in the borough. Pupils and parents regularly give us feedback about the positive changes in school and we constantly reflect on these changes to ensure that we adapt if we need to; ultimately to ensure that policies and procedures are absolutely right for our pupils and the school community. This will ensure the very best outcomes as well as ensuing our pupils are happy and safe.


Our curriculum remains broad and balanced with the practical subjects like Drama, Music, Art and DT remaining an important part of the curriculum. We will review our curriculum in light of the new Ofsted framework over the next year, ensuring it is challenging as well as engaging and exciting.


We are looking to build stronger links with parents and carers this year to ensure that you too can be part of the school community and support us as we go from strength to strength. We have a number of Open Events for those of you with children in the later years of primary school, but please feel free to contact me to arrange a visit at any time. We are so proud of our school and would love you to be part of our journey.


Please follow us on Twitter on @Heathcotee4 and Facebook on https://www.facebook.com/Heathcotee4.


Ms E. Hillman