GCSE Results 2018

Progress at Heathcote School has improved significantly, with English results once again well above national figures, along with 4.5% of pupils receiving a grade 9 in Maths compared with 3.6% nationally. Almost half of the grades were a grade 5 or higher. The school is particularly proud that the gap for disadvantaged pupils has been eliminated across subjects and is now in line with other pupils.

We are so proud of all our pupils and, in particular, congratulations to some of our top performers: Moriah Sanusi who achieved seven 9s, one 8 and an A*, Michael Stanway who achieved six 9s, two 7s, an A and two A*s and Aadam Huda who achieved four 9s and an A* in addition to other top grades. 90% of our 20 Top Achievers will stay at Heathcote for the Sixth Form.

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Heathcote GCSE Results 2018

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