The Heathcote Governing Body consists of fifteen Governors plus the Headteacher and Staff Representative. We are delighted that the work of the Governing Body was recognised in the September 2018 Ofsted Report.


RCS Committee; Resources Committee

BAPD Committee; Behaviour, Attitudes and Personal Development Committee

QoE Committee; Quality of Education Committee

HTPM Committee; Headteacher's Performance Management Committee

GD Committee; Governor Discipline Committee (Pupil Exclusions)


Statutory Governor Data for 2018-2019


Governor Data

Governor Attendance Register

Governor Pecuniary Interest Register

2018-2019 Annual Governance Statement


Statutory Governor Data for 2019-2020


Governor Data

Governor Attendance Register

Governor Pecuniary Interest Register


Governor Meeting Minutes 2019-2020


Meeting Minutes December 2019

Meeting Minutes March 2020


Our Governing Body is:


Mr Mike Ashwell (Chair of Governors - QoE Committee, HTPM Committee, Chair of Resources Committee)Ashwell M2






Mr Barry Tutty (Co-opted Governor - QoE Committee, Pay Committee)Tutty B






Mr Paul Leslie (Co-opted Governor - Resources Committee, HTPM Committee, GD Committee)Leslie P






Ms Emma Prestedge (Co-opted Governor - Vice Chair, QoE Committee)Prestedge E






Mr Joe Bolger (Co--opted Governor - Chair, BAPD Committee)Bolger J






Ms Mary Bunting (Co-opted Governor - Resources Committee, HTPM Committee, GD Committee)Bunting M






Vacancy (Co-opted Governor - Resources Committee, GD Committee)Norman






Ms Jessica Hayes (Co-opted Governor - Pay Committee, GD Committee)Hayes J






Ms Amanda Roper (Co-opted Governor)Roper A






Mr Mitchell Goldie (LEA Governor - BAPD Committee, Pay Committee)Goldie M resize






Ms Helen Douglas (Parent Governor - QoE Committee)Douglas H






Mr Arnold Williams (Parent Governor - BAPD Committee)Williams A






Ms Samantha Charles (Parent Governor - QoE Committee, Pay Committee, GD Committee)Charles S






Ms Lauren Marchant (Parent Governor - BAPD Committee, Pay Committee)Marchant L






Ms Joanne Mahadoo (Parent Governor - BAPD Committee)Mahadoo J






Mr Neil Hutchins (Assistant Headteacher - BAPD Committee)Hutchins N2






Ms Emma Hillman (Headteacher - Resources Committee, BAPD Committee, QoE Committee)Hillman E






Staff Members with Committee Responsibility

Mr Ben Abbott (Deputy Headteacher - QoE Committee)Abbott B






Ms Sonia Close (Deputy Headteacher - BAPD Committee)Close S