GovernorsInstrument of Government

1. The name of the school is Heathcote School & Science College.

2. The school is a Community School.

3. The name of the governing body is "The governing body of Heathcote School & Science College".

4. The governing body shall consist of;

a) Six parent governors
b) One LA governor
c) One staff governor
d) One Headteacher
e) Eight Co-opted governors.

5. Total number of governors is seventeen.

6. This instrument of government came into effect on 1st September 2014.

7. This instrument was made by order of the London Borough of Waltham Forest Local Authority.

8. A copy of this instrument must be supplied to every member of the governor body.

Co-opted Governors

  • Mr Ian Moyes (Chair of governors ) 
  • Mr Kwame Ofori 
  • Mr John Wilson
  • Ms Lorna Grant 
  • Mr Barry Tutty 
  • Ms Amanda Roper
  • Ms Suzanne Thomas
  • Ms Emma Prestedge

LA Governor 

  • Mr John Norman  

Parent Governors

  • Ms Nurcan Yazgan
  • Mr Mike Ashwell 
  • Mr Richard Newhouse
  • Mr Paul Leslie 
  • Mr Andrew Blake-Herbert 
  • Ms Maureen West-Fearon 

Staff Governor 

  • Mr Neil Hutchins


  • Ms Emma Hillman


Governors Attendance Register September 2016 - August 2017

Publication of Governor Data

Governor Pecuniary Interest Register


Committee Members 2017/2018


Pupil Discipline 

To be selected from GB and contacted when required. Excluding staff governors.


Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal 

To be selected from GB and contacted when required. Excluding staff governors. Members of Appeal Panel are exempt. 


Staff Dismissal Appeal

Ian Moyes, John Wilson, Mike Ashwell.

These Governors not eligible to sit on Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Appeals. No staff governors on panel. 


Learning, Teaching and Development Committee 

John Norman (Chair), Barry Tutty, Emma Prestedge, Amanda Roper, Nurcan Yazgan, Jason Bookatz (observer). 


Behaviour, Safety and Ethos Committee 

Andrew Blake-Herbert (Chair), Lorna Grant, Neil Hutchins, Richard Newhouse, Maureen West-Fearon, Babrik Patel (observer).


Pay Committee

Pay Committee will be selected from the Resource Committee as required.


Resource Committee (Finance, Premises and Staffing)

(Pay Committee will be selected from this committee as required)

Mike Ashwell (Chair), Kwame Ofori, John Wilson, Paul Leslie, Ian Moyes, Emma Hillman


Planning & Development Committee

(Headteacher Performance Management Committee will be selected from this committee as required)

Ian Moyes (Chair), John Norman (Vice Chair), Andrew Blake Herbert, Emma Hillman.

Chairs of Committee:

Chair of Behaviour - Andrew Blake-Herbert

Chair of Learning - John Norman

Chair of Resources - Mike Ashwell


Headteacher Performance 

Headteacher Performance Committee will be selected from the Planning and Development Committee as required.