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At Heathcote we are proud to offer the OAK Alternative Provision. The OAK is a short term therapeutic provision for secondary age pupils, from across the borough, who are not able to engage in education due to trauma or mental health issues.  Pupils at the OAK are dual registered with their mainstream education provider, who continue to provide them with online academic work, which they do daily when with us.

We have a wide and varied curriculum which includes psycho academic classes covering topics such as emotional literacy and self-awareness where students gain a deeper understanding of relevant subjects such as anxiety and resilience. Creative therapy sessions allow students to find alternative ways to reflect on their thoughts and feelings. We understand that it is not always easy to talk about issues through therefore creative arts therapy sessions offer an emotional and creative outlet. We currently have Drama and Movement Therapy and Art therapy on offer! The Oak curriculum also includes practical sessions such as games and movement sessions and cookery. There are lots of opportunities at The Oak.

The Oak offers a 12-week therapeutic programme where the aim of this intervention is to try to reintegrate back into mainstream referring school. Reintegration will start in the early phases of the placement, however we work closely with the young person and the professional network to access when the pupil is ready. We often start by making small yet significant steps, such as after school visits and build up to full lessons and majority of time at their referring school. Pupils are supported by The Oak staff who work closely with pupils in mainstream schools to deepen their understanding of the pupils SEMH needs.


The OAK staff work alongside Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Social Care teams to make sure that their pupils are offered holistic care.



The Oak team are supported by Heathcote Schools Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL’S) whilst also liaising closely with referring school DSL’S if any concerns arise. 

The Oak team is a specialist workforce all with further qualifications in psychology.

Uma ensures psycho academic classes are in line with current cohort needs, whilst also running our cookery sessions.

Katie liaises closely with referring schools to ensure that the academic work is manageable for young people whilst also running our PSHE lessons.

Hannah manages the provisions and ensures all key professionals are working together to support the young person.



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Further Information

Please see this leaflet for further information on what the OAK offers.


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