OFSTED Reports

Dear Parent/Carer,

OFSTED logoThe Ofsted inspectors were very complimentary about the school, teachers, pupils and the support it receives from our parents.

There are many wonderful comments in the document, Ofsted were very clear that the school’s assessment of itself is 100% accurate and we have an excellent plan to ensure we continue to improve.

Other comments include;

‘The headteacher communicates high expectations and leads the school with passion, vision and energy. This is demonstrated by the drive to establish a good sixth form. She is supported well by her senior team and together they have driven forward improvements to every part of school life. This creates a strong climate for learning. One of the strengths of the leadership, and the school, is the way every student, regardless of ability, behaviour or attitude is treated as an individual with the potential to succeed. As a result students flourish and are prepared well for the next stage of their education, training or employment.’

Emma Hillman


Please click on the link to download the 2014 Ofsted report.