Our School Priorities for 2022-2023

Heathcote School 108

Our School Priorities for 2022-2023 are as follows;

Quality of Education Priorities
  1. To develop literacy levels of all pupils
  2. To develop challenge in teaching pedagogy to improve engagement and outcomes for all especially Special Education Needs, Higher Ability Pupils and Sixth form.
  3. To ensure that all curriculums are fit for all Heathcote pupils, are ambitious and build cultural capital and lead to a successful career path post 16/18.
  4. Curriculum implementation ensures pupils are supported to address gaps in knowledge and are not disadvantaged by ineffective delivery


Behaviour Attendance and Personal Development Priorities
  1. To ensure that staff and pupils recognise that mental health and well being is cared for.
  2. To improve outcomes and lifelong opportunities and experiences for all especially the disadvantaged
  3. To improve pupil and staff attendance 95% and reduce those who are persistently absent through support and formal processes where necessary
  4. To create a safe, calm, inclusive, equitable and positive environment built on relationships and high expectations and supported by pupil leadership


Leadership and Management
  1. To reduce the projected school deficit by year end without compromising pupil experience or outcomes.
  2. All leaders drive to improve the quality of education provided across the school to secure the best outcomes for pupils.
  3. To develop a high quality AP provision that contributes to the improved life chances of the target groups by supporting them to return successfully to education.


We have amended our School Improvement Plan to ensure we are focusing on the things that really matter in the world after we had so many pupils and staff unable to attend school. All levels of school improvement work this year will be based around these seven objectives:

  • To ensure that our revised curriculum (supported by a clear IT strategy) fully develops each pupil’s capacity to process, remember and apply information (Rosenshine) through high and consistent standards of learning and teaching backed up by an exemplary remote learning offer at all key stages, a cultural capital pledge and a VESPA research project at post 16.
  • To ensure that pupils of all ability levels are challenged to achieve academic success and success in their adult lives relative to their starting point irrespective of their personal circumstance or Covid experience. There will be a specific focus on disadvantaged pupils and ensuring Year 11 and 13 have every opportunity to reach their potential ensuring intervention and remote learning provide additional support.
  • To ensure that all operational processes associated with a post Covid world are implemented to keep all stakeholders safe in school and that pupils meet these high standards leading to continuing improved standards of behaviour and an improvement in key indicators
  • To ensure that attendance in school for all stakeholders increases with a focus on disadvantaged and Year 11 and 13 pupils and for staff, to ensure HR processes support and challenge staff to improve attendance.
  • To ensure that our mental health, appraisal and professional conduct policies for staff and pupils have lasting impact and create a more consistently happy and stable community
  • To ensure that we consider all aspects of marketing and rebranding the school and finding our USP to ensure that parents, staff and pupils choose Heathcote as a first preference including finding alternatives to the traditional Open Evening and ensuring we can remain financially viable
  • To develop a high quality AP provision that contributes to the improved life chances of the target groups by supporting them to return successfully  to their original schools