School Improvement Priorities 2019-21

Heathcote School 108

  • Pupils are proud of Heathcote and self-regulate their behaviour both in and out of school creating a calm and orderly environment. These high standards are supported by robust structures, staff and pupil leadership and increased parental support to ensure exceptional behaviour, high levels of understanding and respect for all and highly positive attitudes
  • High-quality CPD and line management enables Middle Leaders to be highly visible, develop a coherent vision and challenge and support staff to meet the highest possible standards in all areas
  • The broad and balanced curriculum is reviewed and developed to ensure we have the right intent, impact and implementation for our Heathcote learners at all levels; it is understood by all and ambitiously delivered to ensure all pupils achieve highly
  • Both in and out of class, tutoring, learning and teaching, work-related learning and other opportunities - including the pupil passport  - are exciting, engaging and allow unique opportunities for all learners ensuring Heathcote provides extensive cultural capital
  • Robust monitoring and leadership of attendance enable pupils and their families to take responsibility for school attendance leading to attendance levels above the national average for all groups of pupils.
  • The financial deficit is reduced in line with robust targets by ensuring the best deployment of physical and human resources


The school has a detailed School Improvement Plan that details how the school will meet these challenging targets and who is responsible for each area. A summary of this plan will be available on the website after ratification by Governors in early October. Each department also has a Department Improvement Plan (DIP)  and each year group a Year Improvement Plan (YIP) to ensure we are all working consistently to meet the same priorities.