SEND & Deaf Support

SEND and Deaf SupportArrangements for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability at Heathcote

At Heathcote we have implemented the changes to arrangements for SEND pupils as outlined in the ‘Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Code of Practice, Statutory Guidance’ issued July 2014. Our SEND Policy was issued in September 2015 and is available via the following link:

SEND Policy

We continue to provide high quality support for pupils with additional needs and we are proud of the progress they make, their involvement in the school and that they leave the school ready to enter the world of work.

SEND report (click to download)

Outlined below are details of the arrangements for Special Education Needs and Disability at Heathcote.  Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this information or any concerns you have regarding your child please contact our SEN co-ordinator (SENco), Julia Gardiner, on 020 8498 5110.


In 2014 Ofsted made the following comments regarding SEND at Heathcote:

"Disabled students and those who have special educational needs make good progress from their starting points. This is because their progress is tracked effectively so that good support is provided at the right time to have an impact. This is also the case for deaf students in the hearing impaired unit."

As outlined in our SEND Policy, at Heathcote we believe that:

  • all pupils have an entitlement to success and that any additional educational need should not be seen as a limiting factor in achieving this right;

  • the needs of all pupils who may have special educational needs, either throughout or at any time during their school careers, must be addressed; and

  • every teacher is a teacher of every pupil in their charge, including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Pupils with a range of Special Educational Needs and Disability attend Heathcote. Across Waltham Forest, secondary age pupils who have a hearing impairment are encouraged to attend the school’s specialist ‘Resource Provision’. SEND pupils participate in all aspects of the school including our diverse enrichment programme. The progress made by SEND pupils generally exceeds that of their peers in other schools both locally and nationally. We are in the process of converting ‘Statements of Special Educational Needs’ to ‘Educational and Health Care Plans’. The department is closely linked to all aspects of ‘Pupil Services’ in the school and meet together monthly as a ‘Pupil Services Team’.

Arrangements for SEND at Heathcote:

The Chair of Governors, Mr Ian Moyes, has direct oversight of Special Education Needs at Heathcote. The Headteacher, Ms Emma Hillman, line manages the SENCo Ms Julia Gardiner. Ms Gardiner is responsible for:

  • Special Education and Disability

  • Deaf Support Department – which is a ‘Hearing Impaired Resource Provision’

  • English as an Additional Language


The SENCo is supported in managing the department by:

  • Mrs Wallace and Mrs Witham – SEND Managers
  • Mr Edward Beard – Lead Teacher for the Deaf
  • Mrs Satnam Bahra – EAL Manager

In addition we employ a team of Teaching Assistants (currently 9 fte) and 2 Teachers of the Deaf and 2 Deaf Communicators, (1 fte).

Staff are deployed in the following ways:

  • In class support

  • Pre and after teaching, including Breakfast and Homework Clubs

  • One-to-one and small group tutorials

  • Time limited withdrawal groups

Deaf SupportDeaf Support

The Deaf Support Department is integrated into the Learning Support Department and is managed by the school's SENCo, Julia Gardiner. Please click here to download an online brochure regarding the Deaf Support Department.


Here at Heathcote we provide the best of both worlds, education alongside hearing peers as well as opportunities for specialist teaching. Research has shown that deaf learners can have difficulties with problem solving (e.g. Marschark and Everhart 2006).  Check out our short video to see some of our students working on problem solving and independent learning!




The school works closely with a range of Partners to enhance the service offered to SEND pupils.

These include:

  • The Educational Psychology Service
  • The Speech and Language Service
  • Eastside Young Leaders Academy

We welcome your comments and feedback regarding any aspect of this information.