Welcome from the Headteacher

Hillman E2

September 2020


I am delighted that you have shown an interest in the school and the website whether you are a current parent or carer or prospective ones. If you are new to Heathcote, please ensure you read the information on the front page of the website which provides details about the alternative events we are running this year. This includes an opportunity to tour the school, order a prospectus (electronic version – please click here) and book for the live events (Headteacher’s talk and pupil panel) on Thursday 1st October. The talk will be recorded and available via the website or, again on social media. There will also be a number of short films made by departments accessible via the Joining Us area of the website. These, along with our amazing short film, will be going live at 8am on Thursday morning (1st October) through the website and the film via social media. Please do feel free to share this once this has gone live and please do email me if you have any further questions or comments.


Despite the Covid pandemic and the impact of this on all areas of life, we have much to celebrate during 2019-20. Our Year 11s and 13s were working incredibly hard supported by our highly skilled teachers and they were aiming for an outstanding set of ‘real’ results. Despite the fact that they couldn’t take their exams, we conducted the process of submitting grades fairly and equitably and pupils achieved some well-deserve and outstanding results – see here. This year, all pupils will take a full set of mocks in February to future-proof against any further lockdowns. We have had a very successful start to the school year and pupils have responded very well to the new world. We are very proud that, due to hard work and planning over the summer holidays, pupils are still experiencing the full range of subjects outside of the core curriculum including PE and DT – all of our Key Stage 3 pupils will have access to Food Technology for example in the carousel of DT subjects.


We have launched a new approach to learning and teaching based on Rosenshine’s principles - see here – and we are in the process of completing the curriculum sections of the website so you can see the details of the broad, balance and varied curriculum and subjects we offer which are a key strength of the school.


One of the key strengths of the school is the relationships between staff and pupils and between pupils themselves and staff themselves. We are very proud of this feature of the school and believe that happy pupils make the best learners and happy staff make the best educators.


Once things have calmed down, we will be publishing a weekly bulletin for parents and carers and watch out for our series of videoed presentations and podcasts to support you with our new initiatives.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any comments or feedback - ehillman@heathcote.waltham.sch.uk.

EHN tsp

Emma Hillman