Parental Guide to Assessment

DSC 6118Due to changes requested by the Department for Education, pupils will now receive a numbered grade for their GCSE from 9-1, with a grade 9 being the highest award possible; an equivalent of an A** grade.

The Government have produced a useful factsheet detailing how and why these changes are taking place. This factsheet can be downloaded here.

Please click here to find out how the grading system works at Heathcote School at KS3 to guide pupils on their progress and development leading up to the start of Key Stage 4. This guide is aimed at parents so that you may understand how your child will be assessed throughout their KS3 curriculum development. 

If you have any further questions regarding our system for assessment then please contact Mr Dolan for more information. If your questions surround your child’s personal progress in specific subject areas then please contact your child’s subject teacher or the head of department for that subject.