Heathcote School 69What is Parentmail?

Parentmail is Heathcote’s preferred way of contacting parents and carers with news and information. The feedback we have had from people using Parentmail has been very positive whether this is through email or text, or increasingly with parents taking advantage of the Parentmail App.

How does Parentmail benefit me as a parent?

Communicating electronically benefits the school financially as well as helping the environment on cutting down the amount of paper that we produce and we believe that the majority of parents prefer this approach, especially in receiving information in a more timely manner. We are currently working on extending the system to include the capability for parents to make payments on line for a whole range of items including dinner money, ties & badges, music lessons and school trips.

There are two things we would really like your help with –

  • Please ensure we have your up to date mobile phone number(s) and email addresses
  • Please register for Parentmail so that you can benefit from all of the services available, including the ability to pay for goods and services.

You can access Parentmail by using the Quick Links section at the top of this page, or you can click here. If you have any queries or concerns regarding Parentmail, please contact the school's I.T Department.