School Day

Our School Day is split into five periods of one hour each. The school bell will only ring on the hourly lesson changes.

The main school building is on 3 levels. Room numbers indicate which level the room is located on via the first digit of its number. For example, Room H123 is on the first floor and Room H216 is on the second floor. Where a two-digit number is given, for example H60, the room is on the ground floor.

The Sixth Form block is on two levels. The ground floor room numbers have three digits, all beginning with a 6. The upper floor room numbers have four digits all beginning with 61, so for example Room 6114 is an upper floor room in the Sixth Form. 

Our School Day is as below:



8.00am Breakfast in Dining Hall. Pre-school activities begin
8.40am Latest time for pupils to arrive in school
8.45am AM Registration
9.00am Lesson 1
10.00am Lesson 2
11.00am Break time
11.20am Lesson 3
12.20pm Lesson 4
1.20pm Lunch
1.55pm Lesson 5
2.55pm End of core day. Start of extra-curricular activities


Pupils will normally leave school by 3.05pm unless parents have been notified or pupils are involved in a voluntary activity.