At Heathcote there are a number of systems in place to assist your child in transitioning through their Key Stage 3 to 5 education. Please see below for further details.


Year 6 to Year 7

At Heathcote, we understand the significance of the transition from primary to secondary school. Whilst this is exciting an exciting time for children and marks a new phase in their lives, like any change, it can also bring uncertainty. We strive to manage this uncertainty through a rigorous, robust and caring transition programme. Leaders make contact and welcome our new families at the earliest opportunity after they learn of their place at Heathcote.

We ensure that all primary school providers are contacted and all key data is shared in a timely way before our transition meetings. The meetings between the primary school and Heathcote are a critical opportunity to meet and learn about our new pupils and forge those new and important relationships. The data collected from schools and families is shared with all relevant stakeholders and helps shape the class allocations and resources that are needed for the coming year.

Parents and carers have numerous opportunities to visit Heathcote School during the transition process. Each event provides families with important information about our school and helps our Year 6 pupils prepare for life at Heathcote. This transition programme culminates with our successful Summer School, whereby we invite all Year 6 pupils to participate in a range of engaging activities ran by our own staff here at the school during the holidays.


Year 9 to Year 10

More information can be found on our Year 9 Options page, please click here.


Year 11 to Year 12

Pathways currently offered at Heathcote School

Pathway: A Level

Pupils that achieve 5 GCSE grade 5’s and above including Maths and English can select an A level pathway route if they meet the minimum grade requirements for the subjects of their choice.

Pathway: Hybrid

Pupils that achieve GCSE grades 4s in 5 subjects including Maths & English can select:

1.         Triple Btec Award in Business Studies

2.         Double Btec Award + 1 A-Level (if they meet the entry requirement for that A Level).

3.         Double Btec Award + Double Btec Award (equivalent to 4 A Levels)

Pathway: Vocational L3

Pupils that achieve GCSE’s  grade 4’s or 5 but have one core (GCSE Maths or English) subject to resit can select either

1.         Triple Btec Award business

2.         Double Btec Award and a Single Btec Award 

Pathway: Vocational L2

Pupils that achieve GCSE grade 3 or below including GCSE Maths and English can select the following:

1.         Single Btec Award plus resit GCSE Maths & English

2.         Construction plus resit GCSE Maths and/or English

(Please note this is a three year pathway route for those that are completing a single BTEC.)


The subjects offered to Year 11 pupils are reviewed by pupils completing an initial survey to indicate which subjects they would be interested in studying, in sixth form. This supports the opportunity for all pupils to study a broad curriculum.

During an assembly, the different pathways are explained to the pupils, and there is an opportunity for pupils to ask questions.

This process is explained to parents during Year 11 parents’ evening, and Sixth Form Open Evening.

All pupils are offered careers guidance from our Careers Advisor in school. This guidance involves pupils being introduced to courses offered by local education providers.

Year 11 pupils are offered ‘Immersion days’ in which they can attend sixth-form lessons at our school so that they can experience lessons, and facilities of the sixth-form building.

Pupils must complete an application form to study at Heathcote School. Pupils are then invited to attend an interview with a member of staff to discuss their application in terms of suitability for the applied courses.