Uniform & Equipment

Years 7 - 11

The school tie and badge are available at the school office. The school uniform is shown below:


We would like to emphasise that pupils may only wear low-heeled (or flat), formal, plain black polishable shoes without any coloured accessories. Trainers (footwear made by sports apparel manufacturers), canvas or suede shoes, boots/steel toe-caps or anything covering the ankle bone are not acceptable.


For PE the uniform comprises:


  • Navy PE skirt or shorts
  • Plain white top
  • White short socks
  • Training shoes
  • Navy tracksuit
  • Towel


  • Navy shorts
  • Plain white top
  • White short socks and white long socks
  • Training shoes and football boots
  • Navy tracksuit
  • Towel


The following are NOT acceptable at Heathcote School & Science College:

  • Headwear

Items required for religious observance/headbands are permitted and should be plain, black, white or Heathcote Blue. Other headwear is not permitted.

  • Jewellery

A watch and one small pair of stud earrings (plain gold/silver) in the ear lobe are the only jewellery permitted.

  • Long socks and patterned tights
  • Make Up/Nail Varnish

Pupils wearing make up/nail varnish will be required to remove it.

  • Novel/fashion hair design

This includes bright colouring (natural hair colours may be permitted), commercial symbols cut into hair or partially shaved heads.

  • Additional ornamentation

Including facial and body piercing.

This list is NOT exhaustive and is subject to change by the Leadership Team.



The School Uniform suppliers are:

Fashion Fair

184-186 High Street



E17 7JH

Tel: 020 8503 7048


Forest Casual and School Wear

144 High Road



IG10 4BE

Tel: 020 8508 2848


Equipment List

It is essential that you come to school each day fully prepared for every lesson with all necessary equipment, including any additional equipment or clothing required for specialised lessons (a PE kit, for example).

You are expected to have with you at all times:


A proper school bag containing:

  • Pencil case - to include;






Coloured pencils or felt tip pens

  • A scientific calculator
  • A reading book suitable to your reading level

All belongings must be clearly labelled with your NAME (especially uniform and outdoor coats).


This list is subject to review at a later date by the Leadership Team.


Banned Items

As we are a caring school, there are certain items that we do not allow onto the school premises for Health and Safety reasons and/or because valuable teaching time can be lost when items are misplaced.

We request that parents/carers ensure that the following items are NOT brought into school under any circumstances. We therefore do not accept responsibility for any missing or stolen items that are listed below. Confiscated food and drink will be disposed of. 

  • Mobile phones

Pupils are permitted to use the telephone in the School Office in an emergency.

  • Music devices and earphones
  • Large amounts of money (no more than £10 is permitted)
  • Expensive ICT devices
  • Electronic equipment including portable games consoles
  • Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, lighters and matches
  • Stink bombs
  • Lasers of any description
  • Chewing gum and bubblegum
  • Energy drinks (eg. Red Bull, Monster etc.)
  • Knives, screwdrivers, tools or other items that may cause harm
  • Fidget spinners

This list is NOT exhaustive and is subject to change by the Leadership Team.


Further details on the school uniform are available upon request.

Any changes or amendments will be given to parents in writing. 


Sixth Form

Click here for details of the Sixth Form Dress Code.