Uniform & Equipment

Years 7 - 11

At Heathcote School we believe that school uniform plays a crucial role in creating an inclusive community, providing a school identity and demonstrating equality amongst pupils. Pupils are expected to wear school uniform at all times and a high standard of dress is required both within the school and when representing the school in the community.

Whilst this list below is not definitive or exhaustive, pupils are expected to be appropriately and respectfully dressed for school. The emphasis is on formal dress. Final decisions regarding the appropriate nature of uniform choice will rest with the Headteacher.


All pupils must wear at all times:
  • A black blazer with a Heathcote Badge (sewn or ironed on)
  • A plain white shirt with collar, tucked in (any clothing worn under shirts must be white)
  • A school tie * (with year group colours), with a minimum of 5 bars of the stripe showing.
  • Black school style trousers (not tight fitting), knee length skirt or full length skirt.
  • Black leather or leather look school shoes - this includes a trainer style but must be leather or leather look.
  • White or black, ankle / knee length socks or tights.


Year group tie colours 2020/2021

Pupils to keep ties for their time at Heathcote.













  • School style black V- necked jumper.
  • Muslim girls may wear a plain black or navy blue hijab. For other pupils hair accessories should be plain white, navy blue or black.
  • Sikh boys may wear traditional turbans.

Please Note

  • Belts, hair bands and other accessories must be plain and in school colours.
  • Boots may be worn to school in bad weather but must be changed for school shoes on arrival at school.
  • Waterproof coats and hats should be worn to and from school during colder and wetter months and should be plain coloured and sensible. This is more important than ever during the recovery curriculum period as there will be more exposure to outside areas.
  • Hairstyles should be suitably formal. Significant hair colouring or shaving of hair (including patterns) is not permitted.
  • Hair accessories should be plain and simple. Bands and Ribbons should be black or white. Bandanas are not allowed.
  • Light make-up is permitted. Nail polish and acrylic nails are not permitted.
  • One discreet item of jewellery per student may be worn i.e. 1 small pair of plain gold, silver or diamante stud earrings. Earrings must only be worn in the ear lobe.
  • No other piercing is permitted.
  • Watches are encouraged.
  • A large formal style school bag is compulsory ( big enough to carry A4 books)


PE kit
  • School navy polo shirt (compulsory) *
  • School navy blue shorts (compulsory) *
  • School navy blue football style socks (compulsory)
  • School navy blue tracksuit top and bottoms *
  • School navy blue leggings
  • School navy blue sweatshirt *
  • Black or White Trainers (with non-marking soles to protect the sports hall floor)
  • Towel
Drama kit
  • Drama socks with a gripped sole.


Our school uniform suppliers are Speedstitch (Address: Speedstitch, Unit 32, Walthamstow Business Centre, Clifford Road, Walthamstow, E17 4SX, 020 8531 4446 – Opening times 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday). All information regarding prices and stock can be found on the website. You are able to purchase all of the school uniform from Speedstitch, but you may prefer to buy some items from other suppliers (such as supermarkets or school supplier of your choice). Items with an * must be purchased from Speedstitch. In 2020, only new Year 7 pupils need to purchase a tie. If pupils in any year lose their ties or need a replacement, these can be obtained from the school office or Speedstitch. Badges can be purchased from school or ready-sewn onto the blazer if you purchase this item from Speedstitch.

Speedstitch Information Leaflet

Speedstitch Heathcote Price List 2020


Uniform Combined 2018


Equipment List

It is essential that you come to school each day fully prepared for every lesson with all necessary equipment, including any additional equipment or clothing required for specialised lessons (a PE kit, for example).

You are expected to have with you at all times:


A proper school bag containing:

  • Pencil case - to include;

Pens (at least 3 blue or black writing pens and a green pen)





Coloured pencils or felt tip pens


  • A scientific calculator
  • Exercise books and folders
  • Text books
  • PE Kit and drama socks (on appropriate days)
  • A reading book suitable to your reading level
  • Bottle of water

All belongings must be clearly labelled with your NAME (especially uniform and outdoor coats). Each evening when you have completed your homework, check your timetable to make sure you have the right books and equipment for the next day. Pack all of your belongings into your school bag.


This list is subject to review at a later date by the Leadership Team.


Banned Items

As we are a caring school, there are certain items that we do not allow onto the school premises for Health and Safety reasons and/or because valuable teaching time can be lost when items are misplaced.

We request that parents/carers ensure that the following items are NOT brought into school under any circumstances. We therefore do not accept responsibility for any missing or stolen items that are listed below. Confiscated food and drink will be disposed of. 

Pupils will be sanctioned for bringing these items into school and likely to have them confiscated at the very least. We operate a Red/Yellow bag policy for confiscated items.

  • Mobile phones

Pupils are permitted to use their phone ONLY in the School Office in an emergency.

  • Music devices and earphones
  • Large amounts of money (no more than £10 is permitted)
  • Expensive ICT devices
  • Electronic equipment including portable games consoles
  • Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, lighters and matches
  • Stink bombs
  • Lasers of any description
  • Chewing gum and bubblegum
  • Energy drinks, sweets and chocolates
  • Knives, screwdrivers, tools or other items that may cause harm
  • Hair comb pick
  • Metal pin tail comb
  • Caps and compasses


Prohibited items


  • Weapons - or any object that could be used with the intention of harming another.
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia
  • Fireworks
  • Cigarettes or smoking materials (eg. e-cigarettes, lighters)
  • Stink or water bombs
  • Aerosols
  • Stolen items
  • Pornographic images


In addition pupils are NOT ALLOWED to

  • Wear excessive jewellery or body piercings
  • Buy from or sell to other pupils
  • Lend or borrow money
  • Play penny up


These rules apply when pupils are on the school premises or travelling to or from school. This list is NOT exhaustive and is subject to change by the Leadership Team.


Any changes or amendments will be given to parents in writing. 


Sixth Form

Click here for details of the Sixth Form Dress Code.